Friday, September 7, 2007

Let's get it right this time.

Here it is. My first official blog entry. Since I intend this to be an honest discussion about the state of this nation, I’m going to start this thing off by being blunt — I screwed up. In 2000, I supported and even officially endorsed George W. Bush for President. Seven years later, we’re in a war we can’t get out of, the deficit has nearly doubled, the energy crisis is coming to a head, and as I write this, our stock market is experiencing a serious case of the jitters. And don’t even get me started on healthcare.

So needless to say, while I can’t undue the past, I have every intention of making sure we do the right thing for the future. Let the blogging begin.


nx9100 said...

Don't feel bad about the 2000 election. At that time, we didn't know what Bush was going to do. Since he technically didn't win the popular vote, it isn't anyone's fault for voting for him.

Eric said...

I voted for him in 2004 when I just turned 18. After hearing the "is our children learning" speech I knew I was going to have a problem with him from that time on.

jeff Goolsby said...

Bill, I was delighted to learn today that you are supporting Bill Richardson for president.
I have a book with the most powerful economic engine proposal ever offered in the United States. I gave a copy of it to Bill when he made a speech in Atlanta and he promised to read it immediately and call me, but he has not done it.
I would like to discuss this economic engine with you with the hope that you can influence Bill to read it and use it in his campaign.
He will win in a landslide if he promotes my economic engine vigorously and loudly and if he starts immediately in Iowa and New Hampshire. This recommended effort would also produce many millions of dollars in campaign funds.
You persuaded Congress to guarantee a loan for Chrysler and you should be able to persuade Bill to use my proposal then you will make him our next president.
By the way, you need to listen to your elders, I am one day older than you.
I will send a copy of my book to you if you want to make sure that Bill Richardson wins this election.
Please call me immediately at 770-474-2655.
Jeff Goolsby,
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