Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bill Richardson is my guy.

From the beginning, my intention has been to get people actively involved in this election and get them thinking about the candidates for themselves. While that hasn't changed, I've come to the conclusion that this race is too important for me not to publicly endorse the candidate I feel is best qualified for the job of President. And whether I'm examining their priorities, using my 9C's Scorecard or simply listening to my gut, Bill Richardson is the one who always comes out on top.

Richardson's been a successful Governor. He's been a successful CEO. He's demonstrated that he knows how to negotiate with foreign leaders and lead on issues like global warming. Unlike others on the stump, he’s offering bold plans, not just pandering talk. I like his job plan, his health care plan, his energy plan, his education plan and his plan to get us out of Iraq. I also just plain like the guy.

While I believe every citizen should vote their own mind and conscience, I'd encourage you to take a long hard look at Bill Richardson for yourself. With his experience, character and vision, I believe he's the President we need right now.