Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bill Richardson is my guy.

From the beginning, my intention has been to get people actively involved in this election and get them thinking about the candidates for themselves. While that hasn't changed, I've come to the conclusion that this race is too important for me not to publicly endorse the candidate I feel is best qualified for the job of President. And whether I'm examining their priorities, using my 9C's Scorecard or simply listening to my gut, Bill Richardson is the one who always comes out on top.

Richardson's been a successful Governor. He's been a successful CEO. He's demonstrated that he knows how to negotiate with foreign leaders and lead on issues like global warming. Unlike others on the stump, he’s offering bold plans, not just pandering talk. I like his job plan, his health care plan, his energy plan, his education plan and his plan to get us out of Iraq. I also just plain like the guy.

While I believe every citizen should vote their own mind and conscience, I'd encourage you to take a long hard look at Bill Richardson for yourself. With his experience, character and vision, I believe he's the President we need right now.


sd said...

Bill Richardson is by far the most qualified candidate for president in the 2008 elections. Come to think of it, he's the most qualified person to run for president in the last 25 years. He's my man as well.

Laura said...

I agree Mr. Iacocca, Bill Richardson is by far the MOST qualified candidate ever to declare a run for president in the past decade, as far as I'm concerned. That's why I have been watching his work since learning of his candidacy. More people need to recognize it takes more than a pretty face to run this country, though we won't get into current chaos and past as well.

torch said...

I am surprised by your choice of Richardson. He favors an illegal alien amnesty and the very same 'free' trade policies that you yourself said destroy the manufacturing base of America.
Richardson offers us nothing but the same thing.

terry and bonnie said...

Mr. Iacocca's endorsement is great news. He has always shown a unique ability to spot underlying quality. Like me he has been supportive of candidates based on their qualities whether Republican or Democrat. While I have never found a Democrat to vote for before, Bill Richardson is clearly such a winner. I would add that Richardson also brings with him the chance for Democratic win in the western states without which an electoral college win is impossible.

dvrooman said...

While I won't be supporting any of the Democrats in 2008, especially with all of their stances on illegal immigration as mentioned above, I can say with a straight face that Bill Richardson is the only adult currently running for president on the Democrat side. I find it unfortunate that he is not in the "top tier" of candidates as it shows just how far out the Democratic party has gone.

torch said...

Richardson came under fire today because of his toadying up to lobbyists at a furious pace in New Mexico. Like I said, he's no different than the rest.
Except actually for one thing-he apparently thinks latinos should vote for him simply because his mother is latino. He made sure to remind them of this fact during the Dem's spanish language debate, lest they not realize the fact due to his Anglo surname. He said they should vote for him because he was "one of them". Pretty repulsive, not to mention offensive.
Richardson the best candidate? Hardly.
OT-As for Edwards he missed a chance to set himself away from the pack but blew it when he came out in support of Spitzers idiotic Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens plan. Of course Hillary tried to play both sides, but Edwards shot himself in the foot.

Keith said...

I would have to say that Richardson is not my number one choice but I can understand why you have chosen him. However, while evaluating the candidates I would have to say that Obama has my vote at this time. Whenever he speaks he effectively demonstrates communication and compassion for what the people believe. Yes he does take time ti think of what to say frequently but that is due to the fact that he does not always have a canned response for the questions. He is open enough to say I don't know and is willing to admit such a fact, which takes great courage, especially during these times of trouble and corrupt politicians.
Although his international experience is limited, his ideas are different. Barak Obama has not become jaded with the status quo that has become our international policy and therefor is willing to do something different.
Additionally, he is the one candidate so far that remains in touch with reality. Most of the candidates have spent so much time in Washington that they have forgotten what is happening in the real world, we are in the middle of two wars, the economy is in crisis, the American car says made in Mexico, while the "Japanese" cars say made in America and they are more reliable then the big three anyways. So why would we want to support candidates that have supported this ideology that caused such problems.
We have sent more jobs overseas and neglected to replace them, and then these politicians say that it was good for the economy. So now we face companies that have multiple recalls, a national debt that has increased so severely that I will never see it paid off within my lifetime, a second Vietnam and Korea at the same time, and a Pharmaceutical industry that capitalizes on the lack of real regulation. We need a candidate that is willing to talk about these issues and have the competence to actually follow through with their word. Not a candidate that wishes to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants that have taken most of the remaining jobs within our nation. We need a leader who is willing to go against the grain and say that illegal immigrants have broken the law and they are to be held responsible for their actions.
I have yet to see Richardson do this as he is for the amnesty policy and seeks to gain the Mexican vote because of his Latino background. We need honesty not just another politician.

torch said...

I agree, however Obama is not only in favor of an amnesty for illegal aliens he is also in favor of giving drivers licences to them!
There is not one Dem who is against an amnesty.

Vivian said...

How do you feel about Ron Paul?

bdjunk said...

Check out Obama's position before you damn him. He makes pretty good sense to me.

Angzee said...

Now that Bill Richardson has endorsed Obama. Will you consider endorsing Obama, too? We would love it if you did!!

In reading your book, I kept thinking that Obama was the leader that you were talking about.

Charles said...

Well, BDJUNK, if you want your taxes raised, because Obama wants to institute more costly programs plus give the United Nations, $438 Billion of your tax dollars,for them to give to Africa as aid, he wants to cut back on military spending at a time when we need our military more that ever,He wants to pull out of Iraq within 90 days after reaching the whitehouse without understanding what is at stake in Iraq. It is not just about Iraq, it is the whole middle east and the threat of terrorism that affects the rest of the free world. In case you don't realize it, we are at war with the radical Islamist and they want to kill all infidels and the US is the Great Satan.They are here in our country and are planning ways to kill us and Obama is their Champion. So if that's what you want, go ahead and vote for the decline and fall of the greatest democracy in history.