Monday, March 3, 2008

Mr. Schneider Goes To Washington

If you think just showing up to vote in November is going to fix this country, you got another thing coming. Voting (which 50% of Americans usually don't do) can't be the end of our obligation as American citizens.

Recently I saw a fantastic documentary film. The director, Jonathan Neil Schneider left a successful career and spent his savings to expose how our elections are financed and how it can corrupt Washington. "Mr. Schneider Goes to Washington" couldn't be more timely. It is also funny and entertaining. Throughout the film I kept asking myself, "Where is our democracy heading?" "Aren't there any rules anymore?".

Everyone needs to see this film! And to all my friends in the media, if you want to know what Lee Iacocca thinks is wrong with politics, watch "Mr. Schneider Goes to Washington."
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And, please take a look at the "revised" 9C's Scorecard! Print it out and pass it around.


The Iconocaste said...

Ultimately, I think the country has suffered from a lack of great leadership (in the political realm) for a long while. Reagan may have been the last 'great' leader, even though his image isn't completely squeaky-clean.

Great leaders are supposed to endure much, good and bad, but come through it all with the people represented in mind. Any of the politicians today only proffer us THEIR views and THEIR solutions, but they converge little with the topics and solutions that need coverage and are worthwhile.

Ideally, a leader would suffer much for his/her people, and such things as race, sex, religion and so on, would have little do with his/her election, even though these things are important to the people. If we look at leaders from other countries, including those which America is not friendly with or that people do not like/agree with/understand, a lot is accomplished in the name of that particular nation, even though it isn't always the smoothest of rides. Just look at the great controversy over America's founding...

Christopher D. Elliott
The Iconocaste

ipsedixit7963 said...

This country needs a shake up from top to bottom. There is more wrong than can be addressed by government. We need to be the government.

Anonymous said...

As an educator and a parent, I'm just so sad for this country. I have traveled and lived overseas, and though it was enjoyable, it is not America. Thank you for having a location where it is really about the dialogue. Mr. Iacocca, you are successful in your own right, turned down the Senate and have not voted based on party. You are a man I can trust! I haven't been able to say that since my grandfather passed a year and half ago. He was stubborn and difficult on a personal level, but he was fiercely American and could be trusted as a lawyer. I don’t think I understood as a child that decisions are hard and require sacrifice and compromise; I wonder if that is the lesson our generation doesn’t get either.

Even the most idealistic leaders are facing the challenges of dealing with the expectations of those that financially made their position a reality. There NEEDS to be regulations on campaigning – much more than now. There are many political leaders beyond the President, but if we are ever going to get back to the America of our grandparents, we will have to find a way to stop the need for big dollars to be the only way to Washington. Also, students will have to put down their video games long enough to learn about the political system and get fired up. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with them doing it on the computer!

Thank you for this site!