Thursday, April 21, 2011

America The Beautiful

30 years ago when President Reagan asked me to head the restoration of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I never dreamed I would eventually be an honoree. Last week I was honored with with a wonderful tribute by The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. The other honorees that day included Martina Navratilova, Senator George Mitchell and Joe Torre. I think I can speak for them when I say we were overwhelmed with the sentiments not just about us but for our parents who saw the promise of America. If you would like to hear what we said please go to:


loku said...

Dear Sir,
Hello, i am from India working as a Research Manager in a NGO. One of my senior colleague suggested me to read your autobiography a month back. I was so involved in the book that i could not resist reading the whole story, just 5 minutes back i completed understanding the book. One thinking came to mind...why i did not come across the book 10 years back at the start of my career? the book would have changed my life altogether. I am happy that at least i got to read the book now.

thanks for helping youngsters like me to dare to think differently.

Sincerely yours'

Egunjobi Lekan said...

The very month, April 2011, I was moved from accounts department to sales & marketing in my organization in Nigeria, I was fortunate to buy your autobiography book.
I must confess, it was such an inspiration to me. This month of July is the second time am reading it!
Thanks for writing such a book, I recommend it to all young managers who want to aspire to the top!

Egunjobi Lekan
Branch Manager, Leventis Motors,
Ibadan, Nigeria.

Ginny said...

Hello Sir...I just left a message in your "contact me" section...but saw this most recent comment posted by you, and was hoping I would get a response here? Short and to the point: I have one of your wonderfully designed e-bikes, have had for over 10 years, bought new, I love this bike! Has been great, much traveling on last summer the "drive/belt?" stopped working, and i cannot find a place to repair it...PLEASE PLEASE HELP..I LOVE THIS BIKE!!! thank you sincerely, Ginny Rulli

crewoldt said...

Hello Mr. Iacocca,
The video did not come up, but I thank you for your work on the Ellis Island project, and congratulate you as an honoree. I am proud to say my aunt was a benefactor, and my great grandfathers name is memorialized as one of the immigrants that helped build this great country. The memorial site is a wonderful tribute to them & gift to our children.
On another note, I appreciate your blog regarding your views on leadership & look forward to your book. I am a former military officer & current doctoral student in Educational Leadership & Policy at UT Arlington. I am also kin to Hal Sperlich, so of course I take special interest and note of both your brilliance & his both at Chrysler and other endeavors. I have made my life's work to help restore and nurture the ethical, responsible leadership that our country so desperately needs during these challenging times as well as develop future leaders. This much we owe to the legacy of our fore-bearers. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.
Christian Rewoldt
Mansfield, TX