Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May 11, 2012 was a very sad day not only for me personally, but the automotive world and all of Carroll Shelby's family and friends. He was a fixture in the car industry for over 6 decades. Carroll was a great friend and we certainly did some terrific work together. I will miss his tenacity, optimistic nature and incredible talent. Farewell to a legend...until we meet again on the great race track in heaven.


Joseph said...

Dear Lee,

My sincerest condolences for Mrs. Shelby, rest in peace, a warm grettings to her familly, her friends and great colleagues like you, frankly, as we say in my country, hope that Carroll wait for us many years on the race track great in heaven, little time for us to have the opportunity be part of the soul, to collaborate in the setting of the road map to lead successfully in the rapid and difficult circuit of the fourth industrial revolution in which we are immersed.

Besides, I am really interest on buying your book Where have all the leaders gone? through the links on your website so your Foundation can benefit from the purchase? Is there another way to buy the book from a little town in Castile and Leon, Spain.


Thank you very much for your precious guidance.
Warm regards,

José Ignacio Álvarez Sáez
class e-mail: catiers2012@gmail.com

Okey Fields said...

Mr. Iaocca, I just came across this site, and I wanted to say how much I have admired and respected You, beginning way back to the early 60s; I have read all Your books, listened to Your tapes until they were worn so bad I had to retire them ; ) I helped by donating to save the Great Lady on the Island of Hope. I even purchased a 1984 Mini Van. So I'm always proud to say, You have been, and still are one of my all time Heros, I Thank You for all the Awesome memories, and for always being the Great American You are. I pray every day that God keep You healty, happy and having the where with all to keep touching the hearts and minds as You have done for me. Take Care ans God Bless You and Yours! Okey Fields ofields85@frontiernet.net

Waell Murray said...

Hello Lee,
Buying my first K-Car in 1980, when I was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was something weird in the eyes and thoughts of most of my friends. But that car drove and handled very well. Eventually two of my friends who made fun of me for buying that car went and purchased K-Cars. I'm graduating from college now, and for my graduation, I'm presenting a biography of someone that had made difference in my life or the lives of other people; so I decided that I'm making your automobile story the subject of my 6 minutes' presentation. What would you want me to say?

francisco.alejandro said...

Mr. Iacocca,

Back in 2009, you sent me your book where have all the leaders gone, you signed it and send it to me signed. At the time I was Active Duty Army and have since retired, I want you to know that I carry your style of leadership where ever I speak; I am an HR Director with the Department of Transportation your inspiration was instrumental to my success in the Service and not with State Government.

Thank you!


Francisco J. Alejandro