Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stay Tuned

My friends tell me with the election looming, I ought to chime in with some thoughts. While I've refrained until now, I'm considering sharing some of my opinions. So stay tuned!


Amin Yaqoob said...

Nice to hear from you after such a long pause. I am a 37 old Pakistani working in Tax department for Baker Hughes in Dubai, closely following US elections as it will impact both my company, industry, my residential city and my country.

For me it will a turning point how US will shape the world in next few decade

Awaiting your comments on this election in coming days.

Michael LaMancuso said...

I look forward to your take Lee on potentially and finally getting a CEO in the White House.

Hotlzfire 1 said...

Mr. Iacocca, I will keep checking this site, as I too look forward to hearing your opinion on the upcoming election.

Denise Beran said...

If at any other time in America, your comments about "Where have all the leaders gone?" is circulating emails once again, years later, yet never more needed to be said and heard than now. This time in America is disgusting and our leaders have let us down. What's sad is that the new ones coming up are not any better! The media will kick down anyone who doesn't meet their demands and say what they want them to say. The media is manipulative and in the pockets of the leaders - it's just so sad that life only seems to be about money, the rich getting richer on the backs of the middle class. Soon there wont't be a middle class to ride on. What happens then? Or do they just feed us enough to keep us alive so they can ride with the bit in our mouths. So sick of this!

Mr. Guinness said...

Mr. Iacocca,
I have with admiration followed your career, your no nonsense approach, and more keenly your insights, in particular as to the condition of this country, and not the "blame game" but the solution as to how to fix it. At 71, and voting since I was permitted too. Veteran of the U.S. Navy for six years, and in good part due to you have been an entrepreneur for over 50 years. (Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,....but learn from it!)
Before every election, I take out my dog eared copy of "Where did all the leaders go?'," And re--read it. I've come across some comments that you made which are currently the confers tones of the Trump campaign,...and you a 100% correct, we need to "....make America Great Again" and several others.
Hope you're well and enjoying your contribution to making the country great in several serious ways.
Tom Corcoran

David Rutkowski said...

I just checked back in to see if you have weighed in on this rather unique election. It's very different, and perhaps that is exactly what we need. Your thoughts on leadership and change are always insightful. The last book was remarkable, especially since you wrote it a year before the election, and it remained relevant without the knowledge of where we would end up.

I hope your health is still relatively good, and that you can contribute once again with some wisdom. We need it. And our politicians need some good old fashioned manners and lessons taught to kids.

Conrad said...

Dear Mr. Iacocca,
I have just finished listening to your audio book "Where have all the leaders gone?" on audible. Please know that your opinion is still relevant in 2016 and that even young folks like myself (I was born in the year you retired from Chrysler) are keen to make a difference. I pray for America to keep our ears, eyes and minds open. One would think identifying and choosing a leader would be easy with such a great pool to choose from, however it seems that the people who raise their hands aren't the people with the type of track record that makes me feel comfortable they can walk the walk. Sometimes I even feel we might end up with a better president if the system was set up to eliminate the bad candidates versus finding the good ones. Voters would just indicate who they DO NOT want to be governed by, and then the least disliked candidate who remains would get the post.

I look forward to reading your take on the 2016 election and I wish you continued happiness, health and success.

Gloria said...

I'm worried that class is at stake. I've been around awhile and admire an open heart, A giving heart, doing the right thing in your life is so important. I believe your work with the "Force For Good" foundation had shown that your a good man. Why do we expect people in government to be without mistakes and more perfect? Change is good but manipulation is not.
Having said that the Trump has been so low, and class-less, I would never stoop to his level of low, and in my day we used metaphors like he could eat at my table.... Sorry, this man can't eat at my table.
When he showed such disrespect for Barbara Bush at one of the town hall televised events and talked such trash about her son Jeb, while she was in the audience...he lost me.
But think about this. He's afraid to give his taxes. He didn't debate. He made good men so sickened with his name calling and Dispicable insults, and bullied his way to the top. The other men were not willing to play with him, and they went home.
Anyone of them are better .

sailing said...

I have been completely disgusted and flabbergasted at this year's Presidential campaigns. I feel like America is the laughing stock of the world, even more so now than with the Bill Clinton fiasco.

All of it has made me recall your book: where have all the leaders gone. Published in 2007, I think the leaders of this country have gone even more downhill since then.
I, as many Americans probably, are so tired of the corrupt, no compromise, no getting things done in Washington. I worry for my son age 14 and his generation.
I don't know what to do and how to right this country with Better Leadership, and it takes more than the office of the President to make that happen.

Charles MacIver said...

Hello Mr. Iaococca,

I am writing this on the eve of the election. It would be of great interest, and greatly appreciated to receive a few nuggets of your insight.

It just seems like a story from a dime store novel; especially after the last set of actions taken by the FBI Director, James Comey - just an unbelievable sequence of events this election cycle...

Thank you for your valuable time!

butterfly said...

Dear Mr Iacocca
I'm still a Chrysler Jeep Dealer in Phoenix Az.
And have fond memories of the 1986
July 4 Celebrations as we sailed into
New York Harbor !
The Statue of Liberty a symbol of America
And all the values we hold dear. All Your Dealers were
So proud that day to have been a part of the process
You spearheaded to renovate .
The 2016 Election is complete.... Mr Trump
Is our President Elect what do you Think ?
I'm very optimistic... as you know car dealers
Are like that !
All the Best To You
Connie Moore

Shaun Wallace said...

I think the world is becoming a very hard place. Youngsters in almost every country cannot afford a house or there are not sides no houses there.

Corporations and Uber capitalism have taken over. After WW2 there was an attitude that class was gone and a new and better future was there. We got social medicine, dental care, third level education and massive infrastructure spending.

Every country has problems, but I fail to see why America on any given day has around 16 MILLION homeless. I have travelled an awful lot, seem most of the USA. The sheer amount of homeless is Appalling. On the freeways seeing people pushing a shopping cart that is all they own. But it's like no one sees them. There are many vets some older from Vietnam, but now many from modern wars and conflicts.

What stuns me is the utter fiasco that is America's gun laws. Going from 1960 Americans have killed more fellow Americans than have been killed in every wars they have ever been involved in from independence, civil war, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam etc. That is over 1.2 Million fellow Americans. The UK and Ireland (where I live) have their own issues, but when I look at America I am so thankful I live here. I love America, especially the desert States like Arizona, but the health system there would have killed me by now. American gun laws are from the 17th century.

Lobbying in the US is scary. The power they wield both overt and covert is truly frightening. Trump I cannot even bear to read what he says. He is a disgrace to America's past and future presidents.

The world needs to back pedal to the 1950s and 60s. People who want ALL the money and power should be forced to pay more tax. Google, Facebook, Amazon etc etc pay virtually no tax which is so morally and ethically wrong.

I hate Brexit, the corporations ran all the major newspapers and TV channels flooded with Pro Brexit articles. Now almost every English person I know, many who voted leave would now vote remain.

The world currently is an uncaring and dig eat dog place. It's changed so much in my lifetime. Unless something changes in the US, I think it's only a matter of time before the US implodes/explodes probably along the old Mason dixie line.

When there is a shooting in America, people buy more guns to protect themselves, which is Ironic as if they ever face a criminal there is a less than 1% chance of the gun helping them.

Its time for a change. I am not American but Trump embarrasses me.

Shaun Wallace

Mark said...

Dear Mr. Iacocca.

I hope this finds you well. I wouldn't know if you follow the company much but I would be interested in you're thoughts on Tesla as it doesn't seem to be a very well managed company.